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Friday, 21 July 2017

July 21, 2017

Harmful apps for android


There are huge amounts of applications accessible on Play Store. As we as a whole know, the higher the quantity of applications, the lower is the execution. Additionally, having more number of utilizations sucks a considerable measure of battery squeeze also. 

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In this way, you must know about the applications on your cell phone. In the event that any application is found to have no utilizations, you should evacuate it immediately. No qualms required! 

Imagine a scenario where some applications, you think helping the telephone have no employments. That is the thing that I am will let you know here. 

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Applications You should Remove from Your Android Phone 

Here, I am will show six sorts of utilizations. You should expel them from your cell phones. 


I have been utilizing Android since the most recent four years. When I initially purchased Android, I thought introducing an antivirus secures the telephone. 

The antivirus can do only caution you about the unreliable applications you introduce from Apk records. There likewise, it can't evacuate the pernicious idea of the record. 

For whatever length of time that you are not an immense purchaser of outsider Apk documents, you needn't bother with an antivirus application. 

What are the cons of utilizing an antivirus application? 

Indeed, it generally works out of sight. Subsequently, you should forfeit the execution and the battery life. 

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Cleaning Apps 

I trust you definitely know this. Cleaning applications are silly. They splendidly trap into influencing you to trust that such applications accomplish something one of a kind to attach your telephone. 

In any case, no! 

Not all the applications abandon deposit records. Besides, you don't need to clean the store each time also. On the off chance that you are cognizant about the cleaning, take after Settings>> Storage>> Cached information. 

You can clear the reserve of all applications utilizing the above strategy. Or, then again, you can clear the reserve of applications independently by following Settings>> Apps>> Downloaded as well. 

Much the same as antivirus applications, cleaning applications draws impressive battery control. 

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Battery Savers 

Here comes another waste kind of applications. So as to spare power, you need to manage the vitality request. 

For that to happen, you should quit utilizing vitality sucking applications or deal with the OS. For gaining the power, you need an established gadget. 

Unless a battery application utilize root get to, they can do essentially nothing to spare power. Better believe it, I would not joke about this! 

The most ideal way is manual control. Go to Settings>> Battery and break down the applications control sucking applications. You can manage the utilization or power close them after your use (Greenify causes you for that). 

Maker Bloatware 

Some cell phone makers send gadgets with huge amounts of bloatware pre-stacked on them. What is the purpose of keeping them given that you have no utilization? 

Some applications even work out of sight and draw a considerable measure of energy, which will in the long run outcome in low battery reinforcement of your telephone. 

In what capacity would you be able to uninstall producer bloatware? 

Indeed, run with the normal way. Take after Settings>> App>> Select one >> Uninstall. 

Only one out of every odd maker application can be uninstalled. In this way, you can incapacitate them to stop the aggravation. 

Default Browsers 

For your data, I am not discussing Chrome here. 

A few producers like Samsung, Asus, and so forth incorporate their own custom web program. You should cripple or uninstall them. 

There are a couple of expedient and easy to use programs accessible on Play Store (Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, and so on).

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any question please comment here.
July 21, 2017

How to unlock android pattern lock if forgotten


What happens when you forget the Password or lock Code of Your Android Device? You don't know how to open pattern lock of Android Smartphone If you lost your password or pattern or pin. Here we Share 3 basic Ways to Unlock Your Android Device or Mobile example lock. Here you will figure out How to split Your Smartphone Password effectively.

Trap #1 Bypassing the Pattern Lock from your Device

This Trick Only Works when you have dynamic information Connection in your Locked Mobile device. If your information Connection is On Then you can Easily Unlock Your Smartphone.

Trick #2 To open Your Android Device Pattern lock Via Factory Reset

This is most straightforward trap to open your android Device. Anyone can do it A minute. But there is one issue with this Method your every Data will be lost. Contact subtle elements, Sms, Apps, Music,(Which Saved in Phone memory) All will Be deleted. If you couldn't care less about that you can try this Trick else you should skip to Trick Number #2.

Steps to Unlock Android Device Via Factory Reset Method

To start with grab your android Smartphone which is locked. Switch off your Android Handset. Now hold up no less than one minute. Now Press + volume Button and Power Button at a same time. Your Device will open In Recovery mode, Select Factory Reset button. Tap on wipe Cache Partition to clean data. Now again Wait for at minimum 1 moment And Switch On your android. Your android Smartphone is Unlocked at this point.

 Trap #3 Unlock Android Device Pattern Lock by means of Android Device Manager

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You can likewise utilize Android Device chief Website To Unlock your android Device secret key Or example lock. This Is marvelous Website Which Gives you Power to Control Your android Device Without Using it. You additionally can Trace Your Mobile Phone Location Which Is helpful when you lost your portable phone. It likewise give you Power to remotely open android Screen design lock Or watchword If you Forgot. So you can visit that site to check it.

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Steps to Follow For This Method

Get your Smartphone and draw Wrong example Lock 5 times, now it demonstrates a notice and Says attempt again in 30 second. Now They Show an alternative of overlooked Password. Enter Your Gmail address And secret key which you Use in Locked Device. That is it now you would setup be able to another Pattern lock.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

July 19, 2017

How to take backup of your installed apps and games


In this article I will write about taking backup of your apps in Android. We know that if we reset our phone we loss all data along with apps and games. (backup and restore android apps and data, backup app data android without root, android backup everything, how to backup apps on android before factory reset)  So taking backup of your favorite apps and games will be a wise idea. So that you can get back all your favorite Apps without downloading it. In this way you can save your data and time too.

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app backup and restore for android

You can choose specific app for taking backup of your installed apps. I recommend an app “App Backup & Restore” which you can download from Google Play Store.
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restore apps android)

app backup and restore for android

 This app can backup your all apps which you have installed in your phone. Just open the app and select those apps which you want to take a backup and tap backup option. This app saves all apps in your SD Card so that you can install them back after resetting your phone. 

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There are many features in this app and you can use this App fo free.
If you want to see how to use it, you can watch this video tutorial below. And if like our video please like and subscribe us on YouTube also.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

July 18, 2017

How to enable or disable app notifications in Android


If you are annoying from unwanted notifications then you should disable them. These app notifications also drain your battery. (how to turn on notifications on android phone, 
android turn off all notifications, android turn off notifications programmatically, android turn off notifications for all apps,)There are many apps installed in our phone but some of them are useful and some are unnecessary. Some apps show notification which we don’t want to see. If you want to turn them off and save your battery and also you have Jelly Bean 4.1 and above, here is how. On any of your unwanted notification in your notification bar, long press on the notification for a massage box to appear, Tap on App Info > Uncheck Show notification > OK.

If you want more help watch this video below to understand it more easily and if you like the video please subscribe this channel.( how to turn off notifications on samsung, turn off notifications facebook, android disable push notifications programmatically)

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

July 15, 2017

How to set automatic On & Off in your Android without any app


In this article I will tell you how to set automatic On & Off in your Android. But why should you do this? This trick is helpful for those people who want to keep their phone on and off for a certain time. Like if you want to power off your mobile during meetings or office working hours and want it to turn on automatically at a specific time? And also if you want to turn on and turn off your Android phone without the power button?
you can do all the above with the built-in feature of Android. "Scheduled power on & off" feature helps us to auto power on and auto power off the Android phone at a specific time.

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Here is how:

1) Go to Settings.

2) Under "System" section, tap the Scheduled power on & off.

3) Now, you can see two options. The first option is for Scheduled power on and the second option is for Scheduled power off.

4) Click on the first option.
Tap the Time option. Select the time to power on android automatically.

5) Select the Repeat frequency as per your need.

6) After you select both options, click on "Done" at the bottom. You can see the Scheduled power on is enabled.

7) Click on the second option.
Select the Time and Repeat frequency.

8) Click on "Done" and you can see the Scheduled power off is enabled.

Now your Android will automatically on and off as your set schedule.

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

July 11, 2017

How to enable Developer Options in Android


In this article I will tell you how to enable developer options in Android. There are many advantages of enabling developer options in android. The “Developer Options” feature is indispensable to Android developers, hackers and enthusiasts as a means to quickly access and control their device from the PC. Even if you are an average user and wish to root, install a ROM or mod on your Android device, you must turn on USB Debugging mode on your phone or tablet. And you’ll not be able to do it unless you enable Developer Options on your device first.

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So whenever you would like to flash or upgrade your Android device via flash tool or whenever you want to Root your android device you need to enable USB debugging mode in order to connect and communicate with your Android device. This mode not only useful for connectivity but helps in sending command code to your Android device via Odin. By default the USB debugging mode is disabled for any brand new device to avoid unintentional modifications on your device. But you need to enable debugging option manually for your Android development process.
So watch this full video and learn how can you do this.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

July 09, 2017

App that tracks phone usage android


   Today I am going to write about a very useful app for Android. This app is very helpful for those who want to manage their time of phone usage. This app will show you the exact time of phone usage that you can manage your time by using this app.
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Quality Time app for android

This app is "Quality Time". (android phone usage history, app that tracks phone activity,
android app usage time, quality time app review, android.app.usage example)
QualityTime is a fun, visual and easy-to-use Android app that allows you to monitor and get real time reports on how much time you spend on your smartphone and on your favorite apps.

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Quality Time app for android

It has many advance features like You can set usage limits for your device or for specific apps and receive personalized alerts when exceeding the usage limit.

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Quality Time app for android

It can also curb your phone usage with the “Take a Break” feature, to digitally unplug yourself from your phone. QualityTime provides you with an automatic diary of your smartphone usage activities in very simple way. You can view summary stats, or a more in-depth detail of a specific app or hour-by-hour usage to give you varying insights into your mobile habits.

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Quality Time app for android

The best thing is, this app is absolutely free. So if you want to have a very useful tools app for your Android to manage your time you must install this app. Click below to download in your phone and have a fabulous app. And also if you liked this app then comment here and share your experience here.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

July 05, 2017

ADM for android


  Today I am writing about a very useful app for Android. This is a best downloader app I have ever seen in Android.

The name of the app is Advanced Download Manager. Advanced Download Manager is a download management tool that lets you download files of any type of your Android device.
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 ADM is indeed the best solution to download files from the web on Android platform.


 If you frequently download content from the web but are annoyed due to the poor downloading speed of your default browser's download manager, then its now the time to transform your downloading of files into a new way.

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There are many powerful features in Advanced Download Manager. Such as it has the ability to resume download stopped due to lost connection, it can simultaneous download of files up to 3 files at once, it can download files in background etc.


It looks very advanced which downloading any file.

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So now just get Advanced Download Manager apk file on this page, install the app on your device and start downloading files on blazing fast speeds.

Your file is ready
Download now