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Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to download youtube videos on android phone directly


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how to download youtube videos in mobile directly, 
   Many people usages YouTube and sometimes they want to watch a particular video many times. They can do this by adding the video for offline. When any video kept in offline they can be watch offline but only in youTube app. You cannot watch in your favorite video player because videos do not show there. Actually when you download any video from youtube app than they can only be played in youtube app. They cannot be transferred in your SD Card. So you cannot even share those videos to anyone. And after some time you will have to update that video because youtube app automatically update them after a certain time.

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So if you want to get rid of this problem, you will have to download that video in your SD card. You can download video manually youselve. So now follow these easy steps to download your youtube video directly in your SD card:
1. Open any browser (e.g. opera mini, uc browser etc.)
2. Search youtube and go to home page of youtube
3. Search for that video which you want to download
4. When you see video is playing stop it and tap on the search box in your browser
5. Here you can see the URL of that video
6. Add “ss” just before “youtube” and search
7. Now you will see a page where you can choose in which format you want to download that video
8. Select of your choice and your video will be start downloading

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In this way your video will be saved directly in your SD card and will also show in your gallery. You can play video in your favorite video player. You can also share that video to anyone. This is the easiest way to download any video frome youtube.

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~ How to download any file faster than ever: -

If your download any large files it take a lot of time depending on your network. It also depends on which type of your internet data such as 2G, 3G or 4G or wi fi. But I am going to tell you a method in which you will learn a faster way to download any file. I have been using this app for almost two years. For this we need a third party app ADM (Advanced Download Manager) which you can download from Google Play Store. It intercepts files from browser and accelerates downloading by several times. So it is a powerful downloader for android. It has many features and settings. But this app does not support YouTube under the rules. But you don’t worry I will give you a shortcut to download a YouTube video through this app. Now follow these steps to start your faster downloading:-
1. Open Google Play Store and search ADM
2. Download and install it
3. This app needs the URL of your file which you want to download, so first you need to open your browser and search for that file which you want to download
4. When you get the download link (a) press on link and from window “Complete action using” select ADM editor or (b) long press on the link to display the context menu, press “Share” or “Send” and from window “Share via” select ADM Editor or (c) copy link, after program intercept it from clipboard and send in ADM Editor, or use “Add” button and paste the link
5. You can do any of the above
6. When you select ADM Editor a new dialog box will appear
7. Wait for a moment until it will show you the file size
8. Once it done tap start and your downloading will start
9. Now you can see the downloading speed which will be faster than other downloading methods.
Note: - I recommend you, you should use wi fi or a fast data connection for a better speed. It will help you to download faster and smoother.

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