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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Cool tricks for android phones


21) Buy premium versions of your favorite apps to save data and battery: - 

We always download free apps because we want to have useful apps without any cost. But every app has a certain price which should be paid. I recommend you, paying for premium versions of apps that won’t show you ads, because app constantly uses your data to deliver you different commercial ads. And if you buy premium version it will also save some battery of your device.

22) Control your computer with your phone:

If you want to control your computer to your smartphone now it is possible. There are plenty of apps available on Google Play Store for free, which are very useful and helpful in doing this type of work. You get overall control of your laptop or desktop; take a look at the likes of Unified Remote and Alfred. A host of apps have some kind of remote control functionality built in.

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23) Use a portable Power Bank: - 

Whenever you go for a long tour and if you won't have a chance to recharge for a long period. In this condition you must carry a portable Power Bank. It can be a lifesaver. You must buy a powerbank for a better experience.

24) Add owner info on your lock screen:- 

This is a very useful function for every smartphone user. This option is available in your phone settings. This function allows you to add your information like name, mobile number etc. on your phone lock screen. So if someone else find your phone they will be able to get it back to you. You much time this on your own.

25) Capture something important by taking screenshot: - 

You have some important message or some type of facial thing on your screen display, can capture that by taking screenshot. It will capture whatever is displaying on your screen. So that you can see anything with your friends and family. Screenshot will appear in your gallery.
        On an iPhone, press and hold the home button along with their sleep/wake button. On Android, hold the power and volume down button at the same time. You should hear a  shutter click. Once you have done image share it to your favourite social media.

26) Use Google Maps: - 

you have all use maps but there is a great features you might not know about. If you don't get a local SIM, but still want to access maps while you walk around you can save and area's map to your phone while you are using WiFi. So this is a great app that you can explore any area in few seconds. It will also guide you if you enter in an unknown place.

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27) Use a cloud service as a backup: -  

apps like dropbox and Google Drive can be used to take a photo backup. These apps also can be used to send large amounts of photos. Once you upload photos on cloud you will not have to worried about losing your data. It will also keep your photos private and easy to sharing with anyone. 

28) Use the volume button to take pictures: - 

This is a secret trick that it will help you to take pictures quickly. It is surprising how many people don't realise that you can just hit either volume button to snap a photo. You don't have to hit the volume button that is on your screen. This works on both the front and back facing camera. It is very helpful while taking selfies.

29) Use a selfie stick to take a unique selfie: - 

Smartphone could come in handy for checking those blind spots who are too afraid to stick your head around there. just take your phone, place it on a selfie stick, you can now get unique views. By taking a unique selfie get more likes on social media and become famous.

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30) Use smartphone to remember everything: - 

When you see something important that you want to remember this week will help you. In distric you will need Evernote app. Evernote allows you to create and read your notes from any device or computer. Whenever you see something important you would like to remember take a picture and upload it to Evernote with a few keyword in the note. You can also write something important in Evernote so that you will not forget any work to do. You must use this app if you write special notes of your work.

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