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Friday, 8 September 2017

Top 15 Action games for Android free download


Here are some fantastic action games for Android. I have listed 15 action games which every Android user must play.

Here is the list:

1) Warship Battle: 3D World War ll
You have to control authentic World War ll vessels and sail them to victory. Customize your vessels and try to win your battles. Sail the USS Arizona and even HMS Bulldog in historical navel clashes.

2) Temple Run 2
You have to escape with the cursed idol, by navigating perilous forests, mines and cliffs. See just how far you can run.

3) Lara Croft: Relic Run
A new free action game for fans of Lara Croft. Unearth the truth by going through environments, which are challenging and see how long you survive.

4) Prison Break: Lockdown
You did not commit the crime so to stop your death sentence you must use your skills to prove your innocence. You have to do whatever you can to eventually escape.

5) Spiderman Unlimited
Fight to survive and fight 5 bosses in battle plus complete the 25 missions in each issue. This game continuously runs as you run through different dimensions.

6) Shadow Fight 2
Use your martial arts techniques to humiliate the demon bosses and crush the enemy. Fight your way through six worlds each containing demons as you try and close the gate of shadows.

7) Frontline Commando: WW2
You have to complete deadly missions in WW2. Each mission will test your skills and have you fighting enemy troops in Berlin, Germany and many other countries.

8) Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D
Now you can engage in missions as a helicopter pilot. Control your helicopter and flight simulation. Engage yourself in military scenarios and use your combat skills in various missions.

9) San Andreas: Real 3D Gangsters
Now you can create and put yourself in crime empire within the City of Angels. Drive other gang members around and deliver packages. Progress through different missions as they become crazy and sicker.

10) Lego Star Wars Yoda ll Now you can fight in the battle with Lego star wars. There are mini games that are action packed, as you fight against Darth Vader. Or help save the world, with Yoda and the Jedi by your side.

11) Rope Hero
In this game you can use your rope to swing like Spiderman. As you help clear up the streets and rid them of crime. Use your martial arts techniques through the different levels.

12) Injustice: Gods Among Us
In this game you can create your own group of DC super heroes and enter the arena. This game is collectible card game that is free to play. You build up moves, gear, characters and enter the arena where you will face three on three action combat.

13) Future Crime Simulator
In this game you can simulate different crimes. Walk, crawl and perform other moves as you go through different missions. Use guns and other weapons as you deal with crime.

14) Sea Battle 2
In this game you can attack your opponents with your ships. Face different opponents in real time and all around the world. Create a strategy and then attack your opponents.

15) Reel Steel Champions
Build your own robot and fight other player's robots. Build colossal robots and take part in the tournament which includes 20 fights. Take part in unlimited sparring sessions.

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