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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How to create a new post in Blogger


Do you want to know how to post a blog on blogger or how to publish a blog on the internet. Hi, my name is Suraj Bhaskar and today I am going to share you, how to create a new post in blogger. So you must read this article now.

In the previous post I had discussed how to create a blog inblogger. Now we are going to create new posts for our brand new blog. Creating a post is not so hard. It is like writing some lines related to your niche. You must write fresh and unique content because Google likes a fresh and unique contents and they give you higher rank on Google SERP. You may have listen about it also:
Content is the king
So you have to write unique and fantastic posts for your blog. I suggest you to go thorough in your post niche. Now let’s start and create a new post for your blog.
Step 1: Click on “New Post” to go into the writing area.


Step 2: Write a Post Title. I suggest you to add some special words in the title to get more clicks. Here are they: - “Now”, “Try”, “Free” and also include the years.


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Step 3: Write your post in text area. Make sure you’re in the “Compose” side of dashboard.
·         If you know how to edit HTML, you can work in the HTML section.

Step 4: When you have written your post, click on post settings to do some changes like adding Labels, editing permalink etc.


Step 5: Now if you click on “Save” button, it will save your post in drafts and if you want to see preview of your newly created post click on “Preview” button. When you’ve done everything just hit on “Publish” button to publish your article on the WWW.

Now anyone can see your post and comment on it. You can also share your post links to show your friends and relatives. You can publish unlimited posts and share your knowledge and thoughts in all over the world.

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I hope this guide would be helpful for you. If you have any question about this topic, please let’s know in the comment section below.
And also if you found this article helpful and useful, share this post with your friends and family. Good bye.

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